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BG France draagkoord alt/tenor saxofoon S50SH

- Yoke Brace - Kunststof snaphook - Alt/Tenor Sax..

€74,40 €69,00
BG France draagkoord saxofoon S15SH

- Comfort - Kunststof snaphook - Maat: XS - Sop/Alt Sax..

€24,60 €21,60
BG France draagkoord saxofoon S30SH

- Standard - Standaard snaphook - Sop/Alt/Tenor Sax..

€12,60 €10,50
DM-35 Guitar amp microphone D1356

DM-35 Guitar amp microphone Instrument Microphones The DM-35 is special designed for mic-ing guitar amps. Due to the high SPL capacity and flat pop screen design it can be used for close mic-ing instrument amplifiers. It is suitable for guitar and bass guitar amplifiers. High SPL Designed for close amp mic-ing..

€49,90 €39,00
Harnas BG S41SH

- Vrouw - Kunststof Musketon - Maat: L..

€39,45 €33,00
LD Maui 11 sat bag  LDM11SATBAG

Transport Bag for LD MAUI 11 Column Speaker Transport bag with carrying strap, padding, and zipper for optimal protection of the column speaker...

€63,00 €44,00
LD Maui 11 sub bag  LDM11SUBBAG

Beschermhoes met padding voor LD Maui 11 subwoofer..

€44,00 €32,00
LD Maui 28 G2 sat bag LDM28G2SATBAG

Padded Bag For MAUI 28 G2 Column Carrying your MAUI column is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this padded bag. It features two large handles with wrap-around grip, an adjustable hands-free shoulder strap and a smooth dual slider zipper. The shell and lining are made of tough, water repellent 1680D nylon with 8 mm padding in between to cushion and protect your column elements. Two included foam caps prevent damage to their multipin connectors...

€92,00 €63,00
LD Maui 28 G2 sub bag  LDM28G2SUBPC

Padded Slip Cover For MAUI 28 G2 Subwoofer Keep your MAUI 28 sub looking brand spanking new with this slip cover. It is made of hard wearing water repellent 1680D nylon with 8 mm padding to prevent dings and dents. The cover features a reinforced cutout with hook-and-loop fastener flap for easy handle access and a pocket to store your accessories. Needless to say it fits like a glove...

€48,00 €35,00
LD Systems MAUI 28 Dollyboard

Made of 15 mm birch ply for extra strength and durability, this dolly board is custom fit for the MAUI 28 G2. It is finished in black paint and features four heavy-duty castors with 80 mm wheels for easy movement. Two of the castors have step-on locking brakes to keep the dolly from rolling...

€100,00 €71,00
Mamco Pad Life

Pad Life was developed to help eliminate sticking pads and clean the tone holes of the 'waxy build up' that happens with leather pads. The philosophy of Pad Life is to keep the 'pores' of the leather clean and open so that the moisture can pass through the leather into the felt backing and backout... which will extend the life of the pads. Other types of products seem to want to prevent the moisture from getting 'into' the pad...but that seems to be the way a pad is made. This product will not make the pad gummy, one can not use too much of it or use it too often. Within an hour, the pad will be back to it's color, being dry and leaving the leather more softer and flexible without changing the 'seat' of the pad. ..

€7,95 €6,20
Marshall Effectpedaal ED-1 Compressor

A sometimes-overlooked effect. The compressor pedal helps to provide extra level and sustain when a normal guitar signal would begin to fade. Providing a reliable foundation to a rhythm part, or boosting new life into a guitar solo when needed. The ED-1 offers full tonal flexibility, allowing you to use compression in your FX arsenal with ease. KEY FEATURES: Dial it in - attack and compression controls for precise sonic adjustments. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Adjustable emphasis control to put more focus on compressing high or low end frequencies. 9v input with passive bypass...

€99,00 €79,00
Marshall Effectpedaal RF-1 Reflector

Reverb is an essential effect for all styles of guitar playing. The RF-1 offers the creative freedom to move from subtle shimmer to a huge, immersive reflection with its six reverb modes, all the while keeping your tone very much intact. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - hall, plate, spring, spring 2 and room. Separate time, damping and level controls allow further flexibility. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing...

€160,00 €99,00
Marshall Effectpedaal RG1 Regenerator

A truly expressive effect. The washed-out, romantic sound of chorus and phaser is a pedalboard essential for any guitarist. The RG-1 is much more than the 80’s in a box. With its six modes you’re able to fully adjust chorus, phaser and flanger effects to your own personal taste. Want to take it further? You’re able to control the effect level with an added expression pedal and spread the effect even wider with a stereo output. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - chorus, M chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser and V vibe. Separate speed and depth controls to tailor your sound. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Regeneration’ control to adjust the effect intensity. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. ..

€160,00 €99,00
Marshall Effectpedaal VT-1 Vibratrem

From Link Wray to The Rolling Stones, vibrato and tremolo are FX that span across hundreds of genres and are often heard on iconic hit songs. Whilst the effect is simply a slight but rapid variation of pitch, the VT-1 Vibratrem pedal takes the effect further and gives you a wide array of controls to help you create a unique sound. It works perfectly alongside a stereo output for a wider audio spread. KEY FEATURES A gentle or aggressive sound - separate speed and depth controls. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Switchable vibrato or tremolo modes. Shape control to change between triangle or square waveforms for further tweaking. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output. ..

€110,00 €85,00
Microfoon  Rode M1 Dynamic

With rock-solid build quality and a high-power neodymium capsule, the RØDE M1 live dynamic microphone is designed to provide the very best performance, night after night. Its durability is backed-up by a lifetime warranty, following registration of purchase. The M1's ergonomically designed all-metal body is engineered for maximum comfort when used as a handheld microphone. It feels robust, solid and perfectly balanced without being heavy, and handling noise is almost completely eliminated by the microphone's internal design. Featuring a warm response that is incredibly defined for a dynamic microphone, the M1's smooth character and defined clarity offer incredible performance as a live vocal microphone. A tightly controlled cardioid polar pattern minimises spill and feedback. Renowned as one of the industry's best live vocal microphones, the M1 is an equally strong performer on guitar amplifiers as well as kick drum, snare drum, toms and percussion. M1 S..

€115,00 €59,00
Microfoon  Rode M2 Condensator  met Schakelaar

Live condenser vocal microphone Feedback rejecting super-cardioid pick up pattern Lockable on/off switch Ergonomically designed heavy duty all-metal body High level of RF rejection Low handling noise 10 year extended warranty when you register your microphone The RØDE M2 is a rugged live-performance condenser microphone designed to provide a full frequency response and premium performance on stage. Featuring a tailored-for-stage super-cardioid polar pattern and an internally shock mounted 1/2" condenser capsule, the M2 provides a high quality alternative to dynamic microphones for live performance. The addition of an on/off switch adds versatility for artists that prefer greater control over their sound, while a lock ensures that the microphone cannot be accidentally switched. The RØDE M2 live condenser microphone is designed and made in Australia, and covered by RØDE Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty. M2 Specifications Acoustic Principle ..

€129,00 €79,00
Microfoon Rode M3 condensator cardiod

Microfoon Rode M3 condensator cardiod..

€129,50 €79,00
microfoon SE Electronics V7  dynamic

microfoon SE Electronics V7 dynamic..

€124,50 €79,00
Microphone DAP PL 07

PL-07 Instrument Dynamic Microphone Instrument Microphones The unidirectional dynamic microphone DAP PL-07 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and clear recording of Brass, Saxophone, Harmonica, Snare, Tom, Congas and Guitar-Bass Amps...

€47,90 €39,00
Microphone DAP PL 07B

PL-07B Instrument/Vocal Dynamic Microphone Instrument Microphones The dynamic cartridge of the DAP PL-07B with cardioid polar pattern insures a high gain before disturbing feedback and is specially designed for lead vocals and instruments as Guitar Amp, Bass Amps, Acoustic Guitars, Saxophones, Snares, Toms, Congas and Woodwinds...

€52,50 €39,00
Nord softcase piano 88 toetsen

Compatibel met Nord Piano 1, 2, 3 88 toetsen, de Nord Stage Classic, EX, 2, en 2EX 88 toetsen..

€252,00 €199,00
Nord Stage 3  88 gewogen toetsen

Presentatie Het Nord Stage-assortiment biedt een reeks instrumenten voor de muzikant op zoek naar een krachtig en ergonomisch toneeltoetsenbord. Deze machines zijn comfortabel op elk terrein, in staat om zowel geavanceerde hoofdtoetsenbordfuncties aan te kunnen en de geluiden te genereren van de machines die de geschiedenis van het toetsenbord hebben gemaakt, met deze unieke korrel en efficiëntie die alles maken de charme van Noord-keyboards. De pers heeft zich niet vergist sinds de Nord Stage-serie vele prijzen heeft gekregen sinds de Nord Stage Classic in 2006 werd uitgebracht, waaronder de prestigieuze MIPA Award als best stage piano. Specificaties Algemeen - 88-toetsen toetsenbord voor het aanraken van zware mechanische hamers (toetsenbord type HA) met aftertouch - Mogelijkheid om tot 3 zones van games in realtime toe te wijzen (met visualisatie door Led). Elk van de piano-, orgel-, synthesizer- en master-klaviersecties kan aan een van deze gebieden worden toegewezen - Modula..

€3.999,99 €3.499,00
NowSonic Nord ProStand

Nowsonic Nord ProStand Professional table-style heavy-duty keyboard and e-piano stand Features Professional table-style heavy-duty keyboard and e-piano stand ´Nord´ Edition in striking red Table-style, heavy-duty steel stand for big and heavy keyboards and e-pianos 4 individual height-adjustable legs Unique DoubleLocking mechanism via 2 screws on each leg Levelling screw per leg for uneven surfaces Legs can be folded for easy transportation Special designed SecurityHandle for easy and safe folding of the legs Rated for max. load of 80kg Max Adjustable Height: 82.5cm Min Adjustable Height: 64 cm Max Adjustable Width: 103 cm Min Adjustable Width: 66 cm Folded Dimension: 45*16*66 cm Weight of Stand: 8.15 kg Option (not included with Nord ProStand): Extension for Nord ProStand..

€119,79 €99,00
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