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Marshall Effectpedaal ED-1 Compressor

A sometimes-overlooked effect. The compressor pedal helps to provide extra level and sustain when a normal guitar signal would begin to fade. Providing a reliable foundation to a rhythm part, or boosting new life into a guitar solo when needed. The ED-1 offers full tonal flexibility, allowing you to use compression in your FX arsenal with ease. KEY FEATURES: Dial it in - attack and compression controls for precise sonic adjustments. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Adjustable emphasis control to put more focus on compressing high or low end frequencies. 9v input with passive bypass...

€99,00 €79,00
Marshall Effectpedaal RF-1 Reflector

Reverb is an essential effect for all styles of guitar playing. The RF-1 offers the creative freedom to move from subtle shimmer to a huge, immersive reflection with its six reverb modes, all the while keeping your tone very much intact. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - hall, plate, spring, spring 2 and room. Separate time, damping and level controls allow further flexibility. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing...

€160,00 €99,00
Marshall Effectpedaal RG1 Regenerator

A truly expressive effect. The washed-out, romantic sound of chorus and phaser is a pedalboard essential for any guitarist. The RG-1 is much more than the 80’s in a box. With its six modes you’re able to fully adjust chorus, phaser and flanger effects to your own personal taste. Want to take it further? You’re able to control the effect level with an added expression pedal and spread the effect even wider with a stereo output. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - chorus, M chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser and V vibe. Separate speed and depth controls to tailor your sound. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Regeneration’ control to adjust the effect intensity. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. ..

€160,00 €99,00
Marshall Effectpedaal VT-1 Vibratrem

From Link Wray to The Rolling Stones, vibrato and tremolo are FX that span across hundreds of genres and are often heard on iconic hit songs. Whilst the effect is simply a slight but rapid variation of pitch, the VT-1 Vibratrem pedal takes the effect further and gives you a wide array of controls to help you create a unique sound. It works perfectly alongside a stereo output for a wider audio spread. KEY FEATURES A gentle or aggressive sound - separate speed and depth controls. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Switchable vibrato or tremolo modes. Shape control to change between triangle or square waveforms for further tweaking. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output. ..

€110,00 €85,00

Ga draadloos, de Major II Bluetooth geeft je de vrijheid en het gemak van een draadloze hoofdtelefoon in combinatie met Marshall kwaliteit. Verbind gemakkelijk met je Bluetooth apparaat en geniet 30+ uren van je muziek. Zet aan, tune in en geniet van de gecustomiseerde drivers die een tijdloos en niet te vergeten geluid geven. Technische specificaties: Driver: 40mm, dynamisch Impedantie: 64 ohm Frequentie bereik: 10Hz - 20kHz Gevoeligheid: 100mV @ 1kHz = 99 dB SPL Batterij: 680mAh (plusminus 30 uur speel tijd)..

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