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DM-35 Guitar amp microphone D1356

DM-35 Guitar amp microphone Instrument Microphones The DM-35 is special designed for mic-ing guitar amps. Due to the high SPL capacity and flat pop screen design it can be used for close mic-ing instrument amplifiers. It is suitable for guitar and bass guitar amplifiers. High SPL Designed for close amp mic-ing..

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Microphone DAP PL 07

PL-07 Instrument Dynamic Microphone Instrument Microphones The unidirectional dynamic microphone DAP PL-07 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and clear recording of Brass, Saxophone, Harmonica, Snare, Tom, Congas and Guitar-Bass Amps...

€47,90 €39,00
Microphone DAP PL 07B

PL-07B Instrument/Vocal Dynamic Microphone Instrument Microphones The dynamic cartridge of the DAP PL-07B with cardioid polar pattern insures a high gain before disturbing feedback and is specially designed for lead vocals and instruments as Guitar Amp, Bass Amps, Acoustic Guitars, Saxophones, Snares, Toms, Congas and Woodwinds...

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