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- Yoke Brace - Kunststof snaphook - Alt/Tenor Sax..

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- Comfort - Kunststof snaphook - Maat: XS - Sop/Alt Sax..

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- Standard - Standaard snaphook - Sop/Alt/Tenor Sax..

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Wireless Microphone System with Dynamic Handheld Microphone True diversity UHF wireless system Shock-mounted dynamic and condenser microphone capsules Automatic channel scan Easy one-touch infrared frequency syncing Pilot tone squelch circuit prevents noise Switchable RF transmitter output (2, 10 or 30 mW) Rugged enclosures High-contrast OLED display The U500® Series vocal sets were developed in Germany to bring you affordable professional technology and sound quality. The radio systems for vocals and speech deliver impressive performance and high reliability, which will certainly exceed your expectations. We have designed the range specifically for professional users to ensure that your performance is an impressive and emotional experience. Selectable transmit power up to 30 mW provides the U500® vocal sets with a free-field range of over 100 metres. They are available in three frequency bands: 584 - 608 MHz and 655 - 679 MHz, where 12 systems can be operated simultaneously..

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In-Ear Monitoring System wireless band 6 655 - 679 MHz The new LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 B 6 is a In-Ear Monitoring-System with 96 UHF channels that delivers outstanding sound quality with a large dynamic range and outstanding crosstalk behaviour in the 655 - 679 Mhz frequency band. Switchable mono, stereo, and focus monitoring modes as well as adjustable EQ and limiter functions permit natural sound reproduction for any application, with a frequency response of 60 Hz – 16 kHz, a high S/N ratio, and low THD. The LD MEI 1000 G2 permits simultaneous operation of up to 5 systems. The earphones are very comfortable to wear, and the multifunctional display on the receiver shows all relevant system information. With high quality batteries, it is possible to attain operating times of 12 hours and more. A 19" rackmount kit and a rugged ABS plastic carrying case complete the MEI 1000 G2 package...

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Transport Bag for LD MAUI 11 Column Speaker Transport bag with carrying strap, padding, and zipper for optimal protection of the column speaker...

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Beschermhoes met padding voor LD Maui 11 subwoofer..

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Padded Bag For MAUI 28 G2 Column Carrying your MAUI column is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this padded bag. It features two large handles with wrap-around grip, an adjustable hands-free shoulder strap and a smooth dual slider zipper. The shell and lining are made of tough, water repellent 1680D nylon with 8 mm padding in between to cushion and protect your column elements. Two included foam caps prevent damage to their multipin connectors...

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Padded Slip Cover For MAUI 28 G2 Subwoofer Keep your MAUI 28 sub looking brand spanking new with this slip cover. It is made of hard wearing water repellent 1680D nylon with 8 mm padding to prevent dings and dents. The cover features a reinforced cutout with hook-and-loop fastener flap for easy handle access and a pocket to store your accessories. Needless to say it fits like a glove...

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Made of 15 mm birch ply for extra strength and durability, this dolly board is custom fit for the MAUI 28 G2. It is finished in black paint and features four heavy-duty castors with 80 mm wheels for easy movement. Two of the castors have step-on locking brakes to keep the dolly from rolling...

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Battery Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker with Mixer With built-in wheels and extension handles for carting convenience the LDRJ10 active 2-way system is your mobile sound station. It is powered by a rechargeable battery pack for up to 20 hours of continuous operation and provides a 90 Hz – 18 kHz frequency response with 100 watts of peak output. The LDRJ10's integrated mixer features 3 channels with individual volume controls, 2-band EQ, adjustable reverb and master volume. Combo, 6.3 mm TRS jack, RCA and 3.5 mm TRS mini-jack connectors acommodate a wide variety of input sources. A major feature permitting wireless streaming to the LDRJ10: the system sports a Bluetooth player which also supports SD card and USB storage devices. The player menu includes language selection and multiple genre specific EQ presets for instant sound adjustment. The Roadjack 10 also features corners for cabinet protection, a stand mount insert and includes a convenient IR remote control...

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Pad Life was developed to help eliminate sticking pads and clean the tone holes of the 'waxy build up' that happens with leather pads. The philosophy of Pad Life is to keep the 'pores' of the leather clean and open so that the moisture can pass through the leather into the felt backing and backout... which will extend the life of the pads. Other types of products seem to want to prevent the moisture from getting 'into' the pad...but that seems to be the way a pad is made. This product will not make the pad gummy, one can not use too much of it or use it too often. Within an hour, the pad will be back to it's color, being dry and leaving the leather more softer and flexible without changing the 'seat' of the pad. ..

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A sometimes-overlooked effect. The compressor pedal helps to provide extra level and sustain when a normal guitar signal would begin to fade. Providing a reliable foundation to a rhythm part, or boosting new life into a guitar solo when needed. The ED-1 offers full tonal flexibility, allowing you to use compression in your FX arsenal with ease. KEY FEATURES: Dial it in - attack and compression controls for precise sonic adjustments. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Adjustable emphasis control to put more focus on compressing high or low end frequencies. 9v input with passive bypass...

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An update of the acclaimed Guvnor pedal of the 80’s. The GV-2 is renowned for its heavy, distorted tones with the flexibility to move from transparent overdrives to heavily saturated lead tones and further into huge, distorted JCM grunt. The GV-2 is an essential for all guitarists who like it loud. KEY FEATURES Adjustable deep, bass, mid and treble control. Separate volume control for gain-stacking and signal boosting techniques. 9v input with passive bypass. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing...

€99,00 €79,00

Reverb is an essential effect for all styles of guitar playing. The RF-1 offers the creative freedom to move from subtle shimmer to a huge, immersive reflection with its six reverb modes, all the while keeping your tone very much intact. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - hall, plate, spring, spring 2 and room. Separate time, damping and level controls allow further flexibility. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing...

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A truly expressive effect. The washed-out, romantic sound of chorus and phaser is a pedalboard essential for any guitarist. The RG-1 is much more than the 80’s in a box. With its six modes you’re able to fully adjust chorus, phaser and flanger effects to your own personal taste. Want to take it further? You’re able to control the effect level with an added expression pedal and spread the effect even wider with a stereo output. KEY FEATURES Six adjustable modes - chorus, M chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser and V vibe. Separate speed and depth controls to tailor your sound. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Regeneration’ control to adjust the effect intensity. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output and expression input for live control. ..

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From Link Wray to The Rolling Stones, vibrato and tremolo are FX that span across hundreds of genres and are often heard on iconic hit songs. Whilst the effect is simply a slight but rapid variation of pitch, the VT-1 Vibratrem pedal takes the effect further and gives you a wide array of controls to help you create a unique sound. It works perfectly alongside a stereo output for a wider audio spread. KEY FEATURES A gentle or aggressive sound - separate speed and depth controls. Robust, solid housing built for years of playing. Switchable vibrato or tremolo modes. Shape control to change between triangle or square waveforms for further tweaking. 9v input with passive bypass. Stereo output. ..

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Nord Dustcover NS88..

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Presentatie De Nord Piano is een heavy-touch-toetsenbord dat is ontworpen om aan alle behoeften van de theatermuzikant te voldoen, maar er is geen compromis gesloten over de kwaliteit van het geluid en de kwaliteit van de afwerking. Er is speciale aandacht besteed aan ergonomie, zodat u uit alle situaties kunt komen, of u een set van tevoren hebt voorbereid of niet. U hebt bijvoorbeeld rechtstreeks toegang tot de instelling voor snelheidsrespons en u hebt ook een transpositie in real time, maar de transpositie kan ook worden opgeslagen in een gebruikersprogramma. De Nord Piano profiteert ook van North-expertise in gesamplede piano's, omdat hij compatibel is met alle samples uit de Nordpiano-bibliotheek. Het biedt u een breed scala aan geluiden van akoestische piano's, klaviers van elektrische piano's en Clavinets. Ze worden opgeslagen in een Flash-geheugen dat u naar eigen wens beheert (dit type geheugen biedt een ultrasnelle toegangstijd en stelt u in staat de in de mac..

€2.842,00 €1.975,00

Compatibel met Nord Piano 1, 2, 3 88 toetsen, de Nord Stage Classic, EX, 2, en 2EX 88 toetsen..

€252,00 €199,00

Het Nord Stage-assortiment biedt een reeks instrumenten voor de muzikant die op zoek is naar een krachtige en ergonomische toetsenbordscene. Deze machines zijn op alle terreinen thuis, in staat om geavanceerde hoofdtoetsenbordfuncties aan te kunnen en de geluiden te genereren van machines die de geschiedenis van het toetsenbord hebben gemaakt, met deze unieke korrel en efficiëntie die alles maken charme van Noord-keyboards. De pers heeft zich niet vergist sinds de Nord Stage-serie sinds de release van de Nord Stage Classic en 2006 talloze onderscheidingen ontving, waaronder de prestigieuze MIPA Award en de beste piano ter wereld. Specificaties: Algemeen - Toetsenbord met toetsenbord met 76 toetsen (in een HP-versie waarmee u nog steeds een apparaat met een gewicht kunt aanbieden) - Mogelijkheid om tot 4 zones van games in realtime toe te wijzen (met visualisatie door Led). Elk van de piano-, orgel-, synthesizer- en master-klaviersecties kan aan een van deze gebieden worden toegew..

€3.894,00 €2.945,00

Nowsonic Nord ProStand Professional table-style heavy-duty keyboard and e-piano stand Features Professional table-style heavy-duty keyboard and e-piano stand ´Nord´ Edition in striking red Table-style, heavy-duty steel stand for big and heavy keyboards and e-pianos 4 individual height-adjustable legs Unique DoubleLocking mechanism via 2 screws on each leg Levelling screw per leg for uneven surfaces Legs can be folded for easy transportation Special designed SecurityHandle for easy and safe folding of the legs Rated for max. load of 80kg Max Adjustable Height: 82.5cm Min Adjustable Height: 64 cm Max Adjustable Width: 103 cm Min Adjustable Width: 66 cm Folded Dimension: 45*16*66 cm Weight of Stand: 8.15 kg Option (not included with Nord ProStand): Extension for Nord ProStand..

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Portable Column PA System with Mixer and Bluetooth black All-in-one column speaker for PA and monitor applications 1,000 watts peak Class-D system power offer high performance with a low weight Powerful bass reproduction with 3 x 6.5" woofers Balanced mids thanks to the 8 x 3" full-range speakers Precise and silky highs with 2 x 1" high frequency drivers Increased range and wider coverage through the array arrangement Homogeneous dispersion pattern through a BEM-optimised tweeter wave guide Distortion-free sound even at the highest volume thanks to LD Systems DynX® DSP technology Full control through a 4-channel mixer including Bluetooth® Stereo Audio Streaming Two-piece column for compact transport Secure plug-and-play connection thanks to the wireless multi-pin mechanism A wide range of application options through dismountable columns Easy operation with presets for mono or stereo configuration Extensive and smart accessories for installation and transport A c..

€764,00 €666,00

Ultra-Portable Column PA System with Mixer and Bluetooth Ultra-compact column PA PA and Monitor System in one 800 watts peak power Extensive and wide sound dispersion LECC digital signal processing for controlled, dynamic operation Integrated 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth Wide range of connection options Wireless assembly within seconds Extremely easy to transport The MAUI 5 is an ultra-compact PA and monitor system in one that comes in at just under 11 kg to supply 800 watts peak performance and a maximum sound pressure of 120 dB. The smallest member of the MAUI family is assembled in a matter of seconds thanks to specially developed multi-pin connectors and only four components. It also boasts extensive sound dispersion and high feedback resistance. The MAUI 5 is easy to carry and fits on any car seat. The bass reflex cabinet of the 8" subwoofer base also houses the system’s class-D amplifier unit with protection circuits against overcurrent, overheating and short-circu..

€560,00 €485,00
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